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Pop Champagne and Balloons on Penny Sundays at Nashville’s Most Historically Significant Restaurant

And another restaurant closes this week, in The Nations

Banana split and sundae Woolworth on 5th / Official Photo

Nashville’s most historically significant restaurant, Woolworth on 5th, is bringing a modernized version of a post-WWII promotion called Penny Sundays back to ice cream lovers in Music City.

Beginning on Sunday, August 25, participants will pop a gold balloon to see what price they’ll pay for their choice of (big or bigger) ice cream sundae or banana split. Everyone will pay either one cent, or 10%, 15%, or 25% off.

Woolworth on 5th’s ice cream sundae is a classic made with two scoops of ice cream and sweet toppings served with or without a brownie.

A sparkler-crowned banana split for a crowd is new to the menu — the super jumbo split involves a whopping 15 scoops of ice cream topped with fresh fruit, whipped cream, fudge, caramel and a cherry.

Woolworth on 5th is open daily Monday through Friday for lunch and dinner, and on Saturday and Sunday for brunch, lunch, and dinner.

massive banana split topped with a sparkler Andrea Behrends / Woolworth on 5th

Fifty First Kitchen and Bar Closes in The Nations

Fifty First Kitchen and Bar, The Nations restaurant and bar with an outdoor dog park closed Tuesday after four years, according to tips and posts on social media.

Located at 5104 Illinois Avenue, the restaurant first opened with Tony and Caroline Galzin at the Helm, but the couple departed in 2016 to open their own coal-fired pizza destination, Nicky’s, down the road.

See the very short social media post below, reading only “51st Kitchen and Bar is now closed...The former staff thank you for helping create an amazing community,”

A call with owner Gene Nelson provided little more information on the closure, only a confirmation that the GM had departed. Rumors are that there is a plan to reopen in a different direction in the near future. Stay tuned for updates as they become available.