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12 South Chicken-Crazed Restaurant The Flipside Closes, Returns Soon as a Gumbo Bar

Get ready for Ludlow’s Gumbo Bar & Steak

The Flipside Nashville

The owners of Brentwood steak and seafood restaurant Ludlow & Prime have purchased 12 South chicken-crazed restaurant The Flipside — and closed the doors last weekend for a quick transition to become Ludlow’s Gumbo Bar & Steak.

Tim Kohler says the new 12 South restaurant will also focus on serving “nothing fancy, just good affordable food”. Ludlow’s (named after the street the two met on in New York) 12 South will be slightly more casual, serving, obviously gumbo, but also will offer a prime steak option, and will be open for lunch, brunch, and dinner.

With a goal of a swift interior refresh, the couple says they plan to open the Ludlow’s Gumbo Bar & Steak sometime in mid-October.

Tim and Rachel Kohler opened Ludlow & Prime in 2017 in the Brentwood Place shopping center at 330 Franklin Rd. Suite 226 B (the prior home of Cross Corner Bar & Grill). Kohler has a long history running various restaurants across the country. A few years ago, the couple returned to Rachel’s hometown of Nashville. The Brentwood restaurant serves lunch and dinner six days a week with a menu of steaks, seafood, oysters, and other fare.