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Nashville Essential Restaurant Rolf and Daughters Closes Briefly for Renovations

It will reopen hopefully by end of month

Rolf & Daughters

Philip Krajeck, the chef/owner of Rolf and Daughters, announced over the weekend on his personal Instagram page that the seven-year-old essential restaurant would close for 20 days for renovations. The chef told Eater Nashville “it is not so much a reinvention but a holistic reinvestment in the space, the flow and vibe to in order to improve the overall experience.”

Krajeck says they’re working with the same craftsmen that made Rolf’s original opening possible on the redesign — Holler Design, Golden Rule, Steve Durr, plus a new partner, Alex Darsinos of Studio Yuda. With Darsinos, they’re working on some lighting changes, alongside “major acoustical modifications” — including a new sound system powered by the rich sound specific to vintage McIntosh amplifiers.

When it reopens, there will be additional seating to accommodate larger parties, while maintaining ample seating for walk-ins that RAD is known for.

With a number of other tweaks and refreshes, Krajeck promises Rolf will have a bit of a new look but at its core, remain the same spot Nashville has known and loved for the last 7 years.

See the Instagram post embedded below for Krajeck’s full note. Krajeck expects to be open again for dinner by the end of January. “It will be the same RAD, just a little -er,” says Krajeck.