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Two Pastry Powerhouses Debut Trēt Baking Co. Pop-up With Banana Pudding Croissants

Find riffs on classic pastries and desserts in the epic collaboration between pastry chefs Michael Werrell, Keaton Vasek, and Sean Brock

Yep, that’s a banana pudding-filled croissant bedazzled with homemade vanilla wafers
Michael Werrell/Trēt Baking Co.

Born of the new pandemic model of adapting and surviving these turbulent times from two powerhouse pastry chefs packing world-class resumes, Trēt Baking Co.’s pop-up with Sean Brock debuts on Wednesday, November 11.

On the opening weekend menu, find a beautiful banana pudding-filled croissant bedazzled with homemade vanilla wafers on offer alongside a gianduja variation — both pleasant sweet takes on the stunning 24-hour croissant that touts “enough butter for your southern soul”. There are also classic black and white cookies and oatmeal cream pies alongside a savory sausage and cheese croissant on the menu, which will rotate based upon seasonality.

Pastry chefs Michael Werrell and Keaton Vasek represent Audrey and the Continental Nashville, respectively. Werrell, a New Jersey native, grew up learning the basics at home with his grandparents and furthered his skills at his hometown pastry shop. Vasek was born and raised right here in Tennessee, learning early on the importance of true Southern hospitality and developed a desire to re-envision Southern food into the modern world. Collectively, they say they find creativity and inspiration from the sensory of nostalgia. Graduating from The Culinary Institute of America, the duo have since worked in some of the countries best restaurants and bakeries including Eleven Madison Park, Dominique Ansel Bakery, The NoMad and Gotham Bar & Grill. The duo relocated to Nashville to work with Brock’s new projects.

Due to COVID-19 numbers climbing once again, official dine-in openings at their new Nashville restaurant homes are therefore delayed, so in true creative fashion the duo went on their own amid the pandemic to sell their cakes, cookies, granola, and more online. And this weekend it goes a step further, popping up on weekends in collaboration with Brock.

For the near future, Trēt is popping up inside the newly opened Grand Hyatt Nashville — more specifically, inside Brock’s new throwback dining destination the Continental (still open for takeout only, and dine-in opening originally scheduled for November 20 is off the table due to COVID-19).

Gianduja croissant
Michael Werrell/Trēt Baking Co.

In addition to the daily baked goods and desserts, customers can also order the duo’s packaged baking mixes — from chocolate brownie or vanilla cake mix to frosting, apple cinnamon muffin mix that the pair has been peddling on Instagram since the summer. There’s also a flurry of fall-flavored granolas including Fuji apple pie, pumpkin pie, and cranberry pecan pie. Cookies, cakes, and in true Nashville fashion, there’s even fried (and “hot) chicken dog treats. Hand rolled “Irish potatoes” (a Jersey shore classic snack) are also on offer — not potatoes at all, but actually mini confections made from coconut covered in cinnamon, giving the snacks a misleading potato-like appearance. There are also caffeinated beverages for purchase — which all come bottled and chilled. Options include classic black cold brew, demerara cold brew with oat milk, and a coconut matcha latte.

The pop-up kicks off starting this week on Wednesday, November from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. (or until they sell out, likely before) and runs Wednesdays through Sundays. Pick up pastires the Continental, located at 1000 Broadway.

The morning bun made with cardamom, vanilla, and cinnamon sugar
Michael Werrell/Trēt Baking Co.

Tret is an artisan small batch bakery, with a rotating menu based on seasonality. What was born as a food blog instructing fellow bakers how to successfully create desserts in their home kitchens, has now evolved into an online bakery for locals to get their hands on quality treats.All batches are based on confections and baked goods from the Tennessee Mountains to the Jersey Shores. Each uses local ingredients and produce when available, never relying on artificial ingredients.

The powerhouse pastry chefs behind Tret: Michael Werrell (Audrey Nashville) and Keaton Vasek (The Continental Nashville)
Tret Baking Co.
Sack sausage, mustard, and gruyere all rolled into one flaky, laminated brioche.
Michael Werrell/Trēt Baking Co.