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Who’s Cooking at the Catbird Seat After Last Week’s Surprising Chef Shakeup?

Because they never stopped taking reservations on Tock

The Catbird Seat The Catbird Seat

Strategic Hospitality spoke out to settle some of the swirling rumors about the next chef taking the helm at Nashville fine dining destination The Catbird Seat this week. Numerous anonymous and industry insider tips were emphasized when chef David Jackman posted a shot from inside the restaurant’s kitchen on his Instagram story earlier this week. The story was quickly deleted, but not before several people captured a screenshot.

A representative from Strategic Hospitality confirmed that Jackman is “helping to hold down the fort along with several other former Catbird cooks” as they prepare to announce the official chef for the fifth iteration of the restaurant. They did confirm that the new chef has been named, and say they’ll make the announcement in early summer.

After last week’s surprising (and still of yet, unexplained on both sides) departure of acclaimed co-chefs Will Aghajanian and Liz Johnson from The Catbird Seat, the restaurant is still accepting current reservations on Tock. Multiple service industry insiders say that beloved former Catbird Seat chef (and mind behind upcoming dumpling and kakigori project Locust) Trevor Moran has also been helping to fill in during the chef shift.

Any guesses on who the next chef will be? Feel free to comment, or continue hitting that tip line with information.