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Anonymous Donor Pays a $1,000 Tab For Service Industry Workers at Dino’s Tonight

Curbside orders of burgers, crema fries, and more for Nashville service industry workers begin tonight at 6 p.m.


East Nashville’s essential dive Dino’s has been cranking its fan favorite burgers, crema fries, and more for curbside pickup all week, and now an anonymous donor has paid the tab to share the comfort food with Nashville’s service industry folks.

An Instagram post from Dino’s reveals that an East Nashville regular and neighbor made a pledge to pay $1,000 to foot the bill for to-go orders for anyone who works in the service industry.

They’ll start taking orders (615-226-3566) at 6 p.m. See the menu here. Dino’s is currently taking dinner/late night orders from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. daily, plus brunch (including breakfast burritos and huevos rancheros) on Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to noon.

The oldest dive bar in East Nashville is just one of many who have made the pivot to curbside pickup or delivery only. Meanwhile over 50 other places (and counting) have voluntarily ceased operations. The city still awaits government action as far as forced closures or help for the restaurant industry. Stay tuned for ways to help.


411 Gallatin Ave, Nashville, TN (615) 227-8998