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Sean Brock Offers Cooking Classes Via FaceTime

And he’s donating all of the proceeds to his staff at Joyland and Audrey

Sean Brock Instagram

Over the weekend, celebrity chef Sean Brock posted that he’s offering personal virtual cooking classes via FaceTime — and he’s donating all of the proceeds to paying for his teams at his forthcoming restaurants, Joyland and Audrey.

On his Instagram post (shown below), Brock says he’ll chat with interested parties about what they’d like to learn, then cook it together via FaceTime. Just contact Brock at if you’re interested.

Additionally, Brock’s upcoming fried chicken and burger playground Joyland is offering merchandise and gift cards for purchase. A Venmo has also been set up —donate to @TeamsAudrey-Joyland. Every dollar donated goes to keep the teams at Audrey and Joyland employed during the COVID 19-related delays.