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The novel coronavirus pandemic has drastically affected life in Nashville — and restaurants, bars, and live music are a big part of that shift.

As Tennesseans continue to shelter in place to prevent further spread of COVID-19, the state of affairs in the restaurant world has made a quick pivot to either offering delivery/takeout or making the tough choice to close temporarily. Some restaurants have added markets and online gift card/merch purchases to help support out-of-work staff.

Trying to find a local meal while social distancing is especially tricky now, since situations are changing daily. To help navigate this new way of dining in Nashville, here is Eater Nashville’s complete guide to eating in the city during the pandemic. From restaurants offering takeout, where to find desserts, restaurants adding full-on markets, to online cooking classes, local cookbooks, and merch.

Eater is working diligently to compile concise lists of local markets and restaurants currently offering takeout and delivery by neighborhood. While not every restaurant offering these services will be listed on the maps, do not assume a specific restaurant doesn’t offer takeout or delivery.

Have specific questions? Email This guide will be updated as new content is published.