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After Tornado Damage and Precautionary COVID-19 Closures, Jack Brown’s Is Back (With Two Locations)

Germantown and new Edgehill locations serving takeout all-day

Jack Brown’s
Jackie Gutierrez-Jones is the editor of Eater Nashville. She has over a decade of experience writing, editing, and leading content teams in the food, drink, travel, and tech space.

After sustaining damage to their roof, deck, and equipment during last month’s devastating tornado, Jack Brown’s Germantown location is back in the game with a small, but mighty menu stocked with what it does best: burgers and, yep, beer.

The burger chain, which recently opened a new spot in Edgehill, is now open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. for both curbside pickup and delivery. The Edgehill location also shares the same hours.

Casey Hinman, general manager of Jack Brown’s in Germantown, noted that Edgehill was ready to open before the tornado, but shuttered its doors for 14 days to make sure symptoms of COVID-19 weren’t present among staff. Edgehill employees who were clear of symptoms helped in the clean up effort at Germantown.

“Many of our regulars and friends were forced out [of Germantown] and had to find a new place to live immediately,” said Hinman. “Even with everything going on, not one single day passed while we were cleaning up after the tornado that numerous neighborhood folks would stop by just to ask if we needed any help or to ask when we would be open again.”

Both Nashville locations of Jack Brown’s are currently offering a limited food menu which includes their infamous American Wagyu patty burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches and fried Oreos. Local burger favorites, like the mac-n-cheese-stuffed “Greg Brady” and the barbecue-sauced “Cowboy,” are both on the menu.

Customers can also place an order for drinks, including sweet tea and beverages with a bit more of a kick. On the drink menu: bottles of wine, growlers and six-packs of beer, along with individual servings of the aforementioned booze. Growlers average $16 and six-packs can range anywhere between $7.49 to $14.99. All individual cans and bottles are half off their normal price.

Hinman is quick to note the community support that has helped the Germantown location stay afloat. “We keep seeing the same faces over and over, coming back to show their support. The size of the tips for the staff has been incredible overall, and I can’t explain how proud I am of the Germantown community.”

Jack Brown's Beer and Burger Joint Germantown

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