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The First Phase of Mayor’s ‘Roadmap’ to Reopen Nashville Includes Opening Restaurant Dining Rooms

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The plan, Mayor Cooper says, will be “data-driven, not date-driven,” so there’s no timeline just yet

Delia Jo Ramsey/Eater Nashville

In a press conference this morning, Mayor John Cooper revealed his four-phase “roadmap” to reopen the city of Nashville during COVID-19 — and in the first phase, restaurant dining rooms would be allowed to open.

The plan is “data driven, not date driven,” according to the mayor — so there is no specific date planned to begin reopening the city, just yet.

Phase one would allow restaurants and bars serving food to reopen at half-capacity. Bar areas would remain closed and no live music would be allowed. During this phase, healthcare and dental business would resume with routine and elective procedures, though employees of all of the above organizations would have to be screened daily and be required to wear masks. Gyms, sports venues, and salons would all remain closed during the first phase, while high-risk individuals and those over age 65 would be encouraged to remain at home.