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Phase Two Rollout Monday Means Live Music and More Dining Capacity in Nashville Restaurants

Restaurants can open at 75% while salons, gyms, and other attractions may return at half-capacity

With COVID-19 cases in Nashville leveling out at what officials call a “stable” rate, the city enters Phase Two of Mayor Cooper’s reopening roadmap on Monday, May 25. In the second phase, restaurants and retail stores can expand to 75% capacity, while salons, gyms, and attractions return at half capacity.

In a shift from the original Phase Two plan, live music will be allowed with proper social distancing enforced — such as no more than two performers at one time and dance floors remaining closed.

Residents will still be required to stay home as much as possible and are asked to wear masks while in public, and gatherings of 25 or more people will still be banned. The state of Tennessee released new guidelines for reopening restaurants, retail, and even large attractions starting today, May 22 for the 89 less populated counties. Davidson, Hamilton, Knox, Madison, Shelby, and Sullivan counties continue to follow individual reopening plans created in consultation with state and local health departments.

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