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After Starbucks Opened in East Nashville, a Resident Made This Handy Neighborhood-Owned Coffee Shop List

A useful resource showing hours, pricing, and drive-thru options as available for other East Nashville-specific coffee shops

Slow Hand Coffee + Bakeshop, a locally owned option located just across the street from the new location

After weeks of disgruntled East Nashvillians ranting about (and some singing the praises of) the first Starbucks to open on the East Side, one resident took it upon himself to make a list of smaller, locally owned coffee shops in the neighborhood.

The list, which leads of with the new Starbucks’ locations hours and pricing, offers 19 other East Nashville alternatives. The list was shared to the East Nashville Facebook group by its creator Will Daniels, and shows whether or not each has a drive-thru, store hours, and price per coffee listed by size as compared to the global coffee chain.

In a post Daniels shared to the group, he said this: “In light of all the hubbub surrounding the recently opened Starbuck’s on Gallatin, I thought I’d throw a handy-dandy local coffee guide together. Prices are mostly for drip coffee (unless only pour-over is available), since that’s 95% of what I get, and found using the most recent online menus available/calling the locations. Hopefully this’ll be a helpful reference for finding local options that fit with your budget/schedule...but if you want to go to Starbucks, that’s your prerogative. Just stop fighting and harassing people about it in the comments.”

See the list below.

Looking for more coffee shops in other Nashville neighborhoods? There’s a round-up of goods oness, including some hours and links for takeout ordering, here.