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Nashville Restaurants and Bars Serving Alcohol Can Now Stay Open Until Midnight

Meanwhile, restaurants not serving alcohol can resume pre-pandemic hours

In Mayor John Cooper’s latest adaptation of Phase Three in Nashville’s Roadmap to Reopening beginning Monday, February 1, bars and restaurants serving alcohol may remain open until midnight, with last call for alcohol (and new guest entrance) at 11 p.m. Meanwhile, restaurants that don’t serve alcohol may resume pre-pandemic hours.

For the restaurants and bars with alcohol, it's just one hour difference, but hopefully will allow businesses to make up for so much time and dollars lost. With the later time, Nashville does remain in a modified Phase 3 of the Roadmap of Reopening, which means face coverings are required in public, and restaurants and bars operate with socially distanced tables at 50-percent capacity. Maximum gathering size is eight guests — whether in public or at home.

This extension comes as new variants of the virus are being found like the U.K. variant in Tennessee, and could become the dominant strain by March. In the most recent update, there are 4,279 active COVID-19 cases in Davidson County and 572 deaths have been attributed to COVID-19. For more information, visit