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Three Eighth Avenue Bars Closed Indefinitely Due to Weekend Floods

The Sutler Saloon, Rambler Cocktail Bar, Melrose Billiard Parlor will be closed for the time being

Rambler Cocktail Bar

Due to significant flooding on the lower level via the weekend’s record-setting second wettest two-day span in Nashville, The Sutler Saloon, Rambler Cocktail Bar, and Melrose Billiard Parlor will be closed indefinitely. Saturday night’s rains dropped 4-feet of standing water inside Rambler Cocktail Bar and at least 2-feet of standing water on the floor of Melrose Billiard Parlor.

The severe line of storms bringing hail and rain pounded Nashville over the weekend, and four people were killed in the resulting floods, as homes and businesses throughout the city saw significant flooding damage.

Owner Austin Ray said “We are working round the clock to remove the standing water and get the spaces back to their sparkling state once again. This isn’t our first time dealing with flooding, and we’ve learned how to handle this setback through experience. I can’t say enough good about our team, who doesn’t hesitate to pitch in and help, and we look forward to having guests with us again as soon as possible.”

Updates will be posted to social media as reopening progress and plans are made.